Adam Covington is a Software Engineer at Mindjet. Prior to Mindjet he was a Research Associate at Stanford University where he worked on the NetFPGA project from 2007-2014. He helped run the NetFPGA project, both 1G and 10G from 2009-2014. His current research interests include reconfigurable systems, open-source hardware and software, artificial intelligence (clustering and classification), and dynamic visualizations of large scale data. Previously, he was a Research Associate with the Reconfigurable Network Group (RNG) at Washington University in St. Louis. While at Washington University he designed, and implemented clustering algorithms on FPGAs and supported a hardware accelerated classification system on the FPX platform. Adam completed a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Engineering from Western Michigan University in April 2003 and accepted a Distinguished Masters of Science Fellowship from Washington University. He completed his Masters of Science degree in Computer Science and Engineering from Washington University in December 2006.